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                 Photo Credit - Ciara Clayton

Concept Note

Randy Martin (1998: 1) quoted: “Dance lies at the point where reflection and embodiment meet, at which doing and anticipation are intertwined”. The piece explores a movement narrative through reflective physical research, exploring cultural perspectives, hybridity, collaboration and conflict between tradition and the contemporary. “Written on my body” is a biographical performance archive, a reflexive physical movement document that haunts the past and questions the present, ‘What next’?


Choreography- Ronnie Shambik Ghose

Performance- Dr. Mitul Sengupta

Music Composition - Rhythmosaic compilations

Light - Adam -Sas-Skrownski

Watch : Written On My Body - Promo


Written On My Body - A work in progress, Choreography- Shambik Ghose, Performance - Mitul Sengupta

Comments from Ms. Beth Cassanni,  Senior Lecturer in Dance, Leeds Beckett University. 

" Shambik your work evidenced rigour and choreographic skill. There was complexity in shifting between Kathak, Jazz and Contemporary modes, tensions, tones, and rhythms in the body of the solo performer and in the switches from talking to moving. The audience are led through a telling of personal narratives told through a first person direct address with embodied expositions of exactly what Mitul talks about deconstruct and play with the idea of performance lecture as form and also demonstrate the embodiment of personal history as we see Mitul's conflicted dancing identities as an autobiographical journey. This clearly articulates your choreographic research enquiry through practice and offers the audience insight into your thinking. Your ideas are intelligently reflected, shaped and given a form which serves them effectively and makes your research available to the audience. "