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About The Collaboration 

In August 2014, when Rhythmosaic had been invited to perform at the BEIJING DANCE FESTIVAL 2014 (the first Indian Dance Company to do so), this project started with an exchange of ideas between Willy Tsao, the Artistic Director of Beijing Dance Festival, Dr Mitul Sengupta and Shambik Ghose, Artistic Directors of Rhythmosaic-Sengupta Dance Company, and Oindrilla Dutt, Events and Arts Curator and Entrepreneur.

The production was premiered in Kolkata on 12th December 2015 – after intensive brain storming between the two companies and rehearsals over a few days – at Calcutta Club, a leading heritage club of Kolkata, with eminent personalities such as Shri C Rajasekhar, the Director General, ICCR India, present to witness the show, along with representatives from the Consulate of the People's Republic of China.

WHITE LOTUS – BLACK SAND celebrated not only the PANCHSHEEL principles but also the 65th anniversary of the commencement of diplomatic relations between India and China and was about the relationship and cooperation between two ancient countries, based on the movement vocabularies of Kathak, Chinese and Contemporary dance forms, thus celebrating the diversity of and also the similarities and unity between both the countries.

The other shows took place at G D Birla Sabhaghar, Arts Acre and ICCR, Kolkata. Dr Anita Ratnam, Dancer, Dance Curator, Choreographer, Critic, Theatre Personality and Founder of, a dance portal, witnessed the show and commented: 

“I did have the opportunity of watching one contemporary performance in Kolkata. On a consultation visit for the Kolkata Literary Festival 2016, I had one evening free to watch the Indian-Chinese collaboration called WHITE LOTUS – BLACK SAND between Rhythmosaic-Sengupta Dance Company and Beijing Dance /LDTX Company. Using Asian modern dance, Kathak and Western contemporary technique in action, this international dance exchange was brimming with promise. With the ‘Hindi-Cheeni Bhai Bhai’ metaphor being stretched to its limits, this show has an extended touring life ahead! Politics and art enmeshed.”

Black Lotus - White Sand was supported by ICCR, the Consulate of The People's Republic of China in Kolkata, CENTURYPLY, The Telegraph –  t2, the Honorary Consulate of Romania, SELVEL, Sangeet Natak Akademi, Jet Airways, Mani Group, Addlife Caring Minds, Sanskriti Sagar, Rotary Mayfair Club, A Sirkar and Calcutta Rescue and presented by Beijing Dance/LDTX, Guangdong Dance Festival, Open Doors and Rhythmosaic. 



Willy Tsao (Beijing, China)

Mabo (Bejing, China)

Shambik Ghose (India)

Mitul Sengupta (India) 

Script and Narration

Oindrilla Dutt

Music Composition

Dishari Chakraborty


Paromita Banerjee

Press Links           (CHINA DAILY), Beijing   

Link   Beijing Dance /LDTX