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Concept Note - I Illuminate / In The Moment 

I Illuminate - resonates within the celebration of the self. The creation manifests the joy and the effervescence, ethereal quality of a phenomenon that evolves from within shines through the maladies of life and illuminates itself to define its presence. 

In The Moment - a kinesthetically and emotionally charged content celebrates the ever presence of the 'now'. The piece transcends within the liminality of the past, present and the probable future, encapsulated in the minuscule grains of time that itself manifests its presence in the 'now'. 

In the moment will harmonize the time in the context of today and how it affirms its position celebrating the moment in the context of 'now'.  


Ronnie Shambik Ghose
Mitul Sengupta

Dishari Chakraborty

Paromita Banerjee
Rhythmosaic wardrobe

Light Design
Gaurav Sharma


India By The Bay Festival, Hong Kong, 2018
Sponsored by - Teamworkarts and The Hong Kong Academy For Performing Arts.  

NCPA - Contemporary Dance Season,2018
Sponsored by National Centre For Performing Arts, Mumbai.


Production - I illuminate and In The Moment (Double Bill)

COMMENTS FROM THOMAS.T.BROWN  dance journal/hkChair Emeritus at Hong Kong Dance Alliance

About Production I Illuminate and In The Moment, a collaboration between Rhythmosaic Sengupta Dance Company and MFA Students of The Hong Kong Academy For Performing Arts".  2018.

"I enjoyed so much your work tonight. Your dancing was riveting. I was enthralled from the moment you stepped onto the stage. You have such clarity in each movement, such strength and staccato that you contrast so beautifully with legato expression and gesture. Your story telling is so compelling, through arm and hand gestures, facial gesture and expression, and rhythmic foot work that I am totally engaged with it throughout the dance. And I am so very happy that Shambik has found such great success with you. Please extend my congratulations to him for his excellent work. Congratulations and thank you for a wonderful evening."

COMMENTS FROM JOSEPH VICTOR GONZALES, Professor, Department of Dance, The Hong Kong Academy For Performing Arts, 2018

Mitul Sengupta. You were magic!! Thanks to Rhythmosaic, Shambik and MFA dancers. We did this!! - Joseph Victor Gonzales.