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Presented by Rhythmosaic and Open Doors

Supported by Ministry of Culture Govt. of India


‘Ekalavya’ is not the retelling of an age-old story. It is stark, crystal clear statement about the philosophy and the ideals symbolized by Ekalavya.

The work celebrates his dedication to discipline and perfection- through repeated practice, and his unvanquished hunger to succeed.

There is an Ekalavya in each one of us, negotiating life’s meandering twists and turns, in the face of all odds, through loneliness and otherwise.


  1. Kathika Sengupta
  2. Darshana Borkotoky
  3. Siddhartha Mondal
  4. Prasun Banerjee
  5. Subham Chail
  6. Avirup Dey
  7. Vihanga Rukshan
  8. Ama Nethmi
  9. Kavya Talwar
  10. Trina Bose
  11. Samir Panda
  12. Abhishek Nath
  13. Sreshna Ghosh
  14. Chathurya Sathsarani
  15. Oshandi Nirmani
  16. Payal Roy

Choreography: Mitul Sengupta and Prasanna Saikia

Direction- Ronnie Shambik Ghose

Concept- Mitul Sengupta

Music Credits: Dishari Chakraborty, Adam Hurst, Rioji Ikeda

Stills and Video: Dogs Studio- Indranil and Nilargha

Lights: Shambik Ghose ( Vendor- Ajay Ranu)

Review by Ms. Kathakali Jana on Ekalavya by Rhythmosaic in The Telegraph 2018