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A Rhythmosaic Dance  Company Production, 

Choreography,  Shambik Ghose & Dr. Mitul Sengupta

The piece celebrates the voices  of those in the society of mistaken identities, confused genders, settled issues on unsettled conditions, we live free yet brutally trapped within. 

The piece revolves around this confused paradigm of life, where we are always living in contraption. The piece breathes  the displaced situation of the damned souls, who are being constantly interrogated by the society, be it gender, transgender, third sex, the unsettled, the trapped. 

It is the dance of the desolate and song of the voices, which echoes from the deep within “that we are trapped, unheard off and desolate.”



Skin- It echos the many voices of human race who are branded by cast, Creed, religion ritual and sometime mere color of the skin. Skin transcends the journey of human identity constantly struggling and thriving trying hard to be heard.

Choreography: Ronnie Shambik Ghose

Artistic consultancy – Mohamed Drissi

Performers – Mitul Sengupta & Prasanna Saikia

Music- Bamboo Flute

Costume- Komli’s