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Cursive Body 
It addresses the possibility of an original movement exploration through a somatic articulation of an informed lineage of classical kathak and classical jazz dance and its visualized hybridity evidencing a contemporary movement voice. The practice traces, how the concept progressively transcends the boundaries of structure and technique to realize the artistic SELF of an original kinesthetic experience, informing fresh strategies for negotiating different cultural styles into artistic practice, the politics of using an informed cultural lineage or a style , and what are the concerns needed to be addressed to embody a choreographic or a movement practice to a self-realized research and an artistic immersion.
Artists practicing this process has opened a different  strand for Self-exploration and research in contemporary movement practice which generates a logical and an alternative knowledge generating enquiry in their personal somatic and academic movement research with current concerns dealing Hybridity and cursivity.
Workshops- Cursive Body,  conducted in different countries