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India is a country, which is rich in tradition of music and dance. India is a land with diverse cultures and language. At the same time, having the quality of embracing other forms of performing arts, from different parts of the world, in her journey of enriching cultural possibilities. 

BELLS of the CHANGING TIMES, is a production by BALLYGUNGE RHYTHMOSAIC SCHOOL AND DANCE INSTITUTE under the directorship of Dr. Mitul Sengupta trying to explore a possibility of the invaluable musical and rhythmic heritage of India.

The whole production, traverses through a soulful and exciting journey that how Kathak in one way bears the story and the traditional heritage of being the classical dance form of India and at the same time it is so contemporary that it has reached influences of the foot cultures of the world, where it fonds its closeness with the likes of Flamenco and Tap dance which speaks the rhythm of the West. 

All these three dance forms, Kathak, Flamenco and Tap, has their roots in the tradition of wandering gypsies, who visited India and interacted with the Kathakars and their tradition then. 

The production will tell the story through dance  and the wide range of kathak dance as it travels through different forms like, Flamenco and tap dance, which somewhere or the other connected with the same umbilical cord bearing the identity of rhythm, footwork and bells as that of kathak, through the phases of the ‘BELLS OF THE CHANGING TIMES’. 


Choreography - Mitul Sengupta

                     Ronnie Shambik Ghose 

Music Composition- Dishari Chakraborty

Musicians - Dishari Chakraborty- Santoor, Rahul Guha Roy – Guitar, Saptarshi Bhattacharya – Guitar, Pritam Sengupta- Cajon, Koyel Bhattacharya- Vocal, Sagar Morankar- Vocal, Nishant Singh- Pakhwaj, Sumit Singha Roy – Tabla, Debasish – Sarangi, Gourab-  Sitar, Sarod & Flute. 
Poetic Verse – Dharmendra Singh Katha (Hindi)
Music Consultancy – Bernard Dsouza & Munnu Shaw
Sets- Ajay Ranu
Lights & Sound- Subho
Script, Narration & Enactment- Ms. Oindrilla Dutt. 
Costume- Komli’s
Production Manager- Oheix Dsouza
Concept, Choreography & Direction – Dr. Mitul Sengupta
Artistic Consultancy – Ronnie Shambik Ghose. 
Photography –  Kasturi Mukherjee & Amlan Sarkar