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Rhythmosaic Sengupta Dance Company Upcoming  Performances /Tours:


Collaboration with Dr. Fiona Macaulay, and Rhythmosaic Sengupta Dance Company featuring Dr. Mitul Sengupta and Shambik Ghose will entail experiences and findings through modes of performative research that how investigation in Feminicide and traumas translates into movement.  Supported by Kalasangam and Bradford University, a part of UNIfy Festival 2021-2022, UK. 

Body Regular - A project that captures moving images of expressive motility in regular environment - A work in Progress. Choreography - Shambik Ghose and Mitul Sengupta. Rhythmosaic Sengupta Dance Company, India.

Project with Kalasangam- September 2022.   

Performance for SAA arts UK in collaboration with Carriageworks Theater, UK, 26th June 2021


Premiere 'BLACK WATERS' a Rhythmosaic Sengupta Dance Company and Phoenix Dance Theater, Production. An India-UK Collaboration, 2020

Leeds Play House
12th February - 15th February 2020

NORTHERN STAGE, Newcastle    
25th and 26th February 2020

4th March 2020

26th and 27th March 2020

2nd April 2020

CAST, Doncaster
29th April, 2020

THE CIVIC, Barnsley 
22nd May, 2020

THE LOWRY, Salford
19th and 20th June, 2020

Kathak Production 'Its now' a Rhythmosaic Sengupta Dance Company Production
29th August 2020, Gyan Manch, Kolkata. 


Dancing With Words - A Books Up North Concept and Production - Choreography and Performance - Mitul Sengupta, Script- Lucy Burnett,Direction - Sarah Tyson, May - October 2019. 

Written On My Body - Choreography by Ronnie Shambik Ghose, for Leeds Beckett University, 6th September, 2019

'KNOTTED' - Choreography by Ronnie Shambik Ghose, for Leeds Beckett University, 21st & 22nd May 2019

Performance for SAA Arts , Leeds UK - Solo Kathak Recital by Dr. Mitul Sengupta, 4th May 2019.

Performance For Kalasangam at the opening of  Grand Theater Bradford, 'Crossroads' by Dr. Mitul Sengupta, 2nd June 2019

'SUBLIME' - choreography- Prasanna Saikia, performed by Rhythmosaic Repertory, 21st April 2019, ICCR, Kolkata, India

Performance at Kalasangam/Bradford, UK on 28th February 2019 - I Illuminate and Desolate- Solo by Dr. Mitul Sengupta
Premiere of 'The Words I have Never Spoken' - Performance and Choreography, Ronnie Shambik Ghose, 25th February 2019, Leeds Beckett University


Resonance- a work in progress - a Rhythmosaic Production/ Choreography , 8th &14th December 2018, India. Venue- Harrington Arts Centre and Daga Nikunj.
Desolate- The Voices of the Trapped & In the Moment a Double Bill Production - 3rd November, NCPA, Mumbai, 2018, India

From Ganga to The Tay - British Council, ICCR and The Bengal Project - 31st March 2018, India

India by the Bay- Organized by Team works Arts - Hong Kong - 29th - 9th February 2018

Celebration of 70th Year of Independence by Ministry of Culture, Govt.of India, FOI Cell- Algeria, December 17th-22nd, 2017.

China Tour - White Lotus Black Sand - April 2nd - 12th April 2017, Beijing & Taiyuan

Performance at TeamWork Arts Contemporary Dance Festival 2017''Éxpressions''-  27th - 29th March 2017

Performance at Alka Jalan Foundation, T2 & Cima Awards Festival, Kolkata, February 2017

Performance at Birla Academy of Fine Arts, Kolkata, Swan Lake Revisited and Excerpts from Bells of Changing Times, Sengupta Dance Company, 22nd January 2017

Performance at Stein Amphitheater, Habitat Centre,New Delhi, Delhi International Arts Festival 2016, DESOLATE, Sengupta Dance Company, 21st November 2016.

Performance at CSOI, Chanakyapuri, New Delhi Delhi International Arts Festival 2016, DESOLATE, Sengupta Dance Company, 20th November 2016

Anita Ratnam, Rhythmosaic, OpenDoors & Sanskritti Sagar Presents, PADME & DESOLATE, G.D. Birla Sabhaghar, Kolkata, 11th November 2016

Performance at ICCR Mumbai, 19th October 2016. Solo - Bells of Changing Times and Desolate, Rangaswara, Mumbai